Les cuisses de grenouilles!

Friday night I went to a fundraiser talk that was about spreading awareness for disabled sports in France. They were multiple professional disabled athletes who had medaled at the Paralympic Games in 2012. Also, Philippe Croizon was there. He famous for being the first quadruple amputee to swim across the English Channel. Although he lives elsewhere now, he was originally from Châtellerault.  Here are some photos of the event below. 
Philippe Croizon is the third from the left. 
The kid next to Philippe, Théo, is also a quadruple amputee. Both Phillipe and Théo were wearing fake legs enabling them to walk. 
Saturday, I went to Poitiers to say bye to the semester kids who were leaving. Sydney and Jakob while we waited at the train station in Poitiers. 
 Just before the depart. Only Sarah, Max, and Elizabete left for home. 
 After saying good bye, we got lunch at Quick. It's like a McDonald's. We were throughly amused by the boxes. "I believe chicken fly" and "you are the chicken of my life!" I'm not sure if I'm miss something...

 The Hôtel de Ville, Poitiers
Kristine et moi 
 Found some America at a store called "Jennyfer". It's like the french equivalent of Limited Too. 
Kristine and me
The cobble stone streets of Poitiers 
Went to an American style coffee shop. I got a bagel with peanut butter! I haven't had either for 5 months. The bagel was okay but the peanut butter super waxy and bland tasting. I realized that I really don't like peanut butter anymore. However, that might change when I return to the states and have real peanut butter. 
The American style coffee shop: What's up coffee

The center of Poitiers is located on the top of a hill. A really long time ago it was a fortified city so you can still see the wall that once surrounded and protected the city.
Guess what these are???
Yes, they're frog legs! The french call them "cuisses de grenouilles", meaning frog thighs. This is because you only can really eat the thigh meat as they are pretty small. 
I was really surprised as I actually enjoyed the frog legs. They tasted a little fishy. However, I don't how you would really describe the taste other than froggy. I guess if you want to find out you'll just have to try some! 
To give an idea of how small the frogs were. They not big so I ate around eight of them! Eeps! And yes, I ate them with my hands. 
Not much happened today. I went to school and ate normal food. I did see a trailer for "L'écume des jours", a new french movie coming out soon. It's with Audrey Tautou (my favorite!). I thought that this trailer does a good job at demonstrating the unique style of many french films- abstract and almost dreamlike. 
C'est tout.