A Summer in San Francisco

Yesterday I stayed home sick. I left handball practice early because I wasn't feeling well. I immediately went to sleep when I arrived home and woke up at 5 pm the next day (Wednesday). It was annoying being sick but I was able to watch the movie "The Perks of being a Wallflower" on the internet (in English!). It was kinda nice taking a break from having to think in French. If you haven't seen this movie, you should! While I was on an English streak, I started to read to the book "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green. It was the only book that brought with me to France (besides "Dirty French" which contains every swear word imaginable and the all slang you need to know :) ). I also recently found out while Skyping with Graham Giesting that the only book I brought happens to not be mine, but his book. Whoops. Well, now it's being read on the other side of the planet (Graham- I promise that I'll return it as soon as I'm done.) The reason I mention this book is that A) It's really good! I occasionally read books for fun, but every book I've read by John Green I can't put down. This book is by far the best. B) As I was reading this book I realized how much English I've forgotten. Then that made me realize that everyone can probably see my English slowly deteriorating on my blog. I went back and read of the posts and they sound like they've been written by a 6th grader. (I'm so sorry in advance for the further deterioration of my English.) Then I realized that I should stop feeling sorry for myself and that I should be happy because it shows that I'm really immersed in the language and making progress with French.
Ok, so today. Today was...magnifique!!!! I had three hours of school. I normally have class until 17h00 and today I ended at noon. Woohoo! The prof wasn't there for Économiques and so I had a one hour break in the morning and since I had only her classes in the afternoon I ended at noon. For the one hour that I didn't have class I went to the post office in centre-ville. Then with twenty minutes to spare I went to the "salle de dodo" (basically a nap-time room). At our school there's a room with mats, pillows, and blankets in it. Students can sleep (or meditate I guess...) in the room if they have a break between classes. It's fairly popular for its size. There is usually at least one person sleeping in there. I discovered this room the November, but I hadn't been it until today. I have a feeling that I will be a regular in the future. :) After lunch, I returned home and watched Les Misérables (again, on the internet and in english, whoopsies!). The movie hasn't come the local cinéma here yet and I've been dying to see it. It was SO good. It was kinda fun to be in France and watch Les Misérables. It's not like the movie took place in Châtellerault, but I think I had a different perspective being in France. I know the play, no less the movie, is totally historically accurate. However, it was cool to know that it was based on the true events of the history of France. All in all, I thought the movie was super well done and lived up to the play. Later in the afternoon, my family told me that there was a little bit of snow left on a neighbors car. I was so excited to finally see snow. I nearly cried. (Actually though, I thought I was going to start crying as I looking at the 2 centimeters of snow on the roof of some neighbor's car.) I've miss(ed) snow so much! There hasn't been a snowflake in Châtellerault so far this year. Winter here feels like a San Francisco summer. I wrapped up my high productive day with handball. I am so thankful that I am making progress with French, because my handball skills are a disaster. (You know this is true when your host dad agrees with you on this matter.) I am definitely the worst on my community team. Which in all honestly is fine with me. I have such a good time at being bad at handball. Really, I do. :) Hopefully, with some time my handball skills will come. Let's just hope that this time is before July.

When Siva Karthikeyan Missed a Chance to Act with Thala

Siva Karthikeyan maybe the fast rising star of Kollywood but the actor still regrets for missing out on a wonderful opportunity very early in his career. Siva revealed that he was chosen to play a crucial role in Thala's Aegan but unfortunately his role was discarded by the makers due to a change in script at the last moment. Siva added if the chance comes up again he would not miss it for anything in this world.
It's worth mentioning that Siva Karthikeyan actually did made a blink-you-miss type cameo in Aegan

STR Talks about Thala's Veeram

The entire Kollywood industry knows Young Superstar STR is a huge Thala fan and hence the fans were very eager to know his reaction towards Thala's Pongal fest Veeram. STR had this to say on this Thala starrer

STR who has a packed 2014 will be resuming the shooting of Pandiraj’s film which sees the star pair up with Nayanthara after 7 years.

Kajal Talks about All in All Azhaguraja Failure, Her Marriage and If She's over Overpaid

Actress Kajal Aggarwal may have had a disappointing Diwali outing in All in All Azhagu Raja but she made up it big time with her Pongal offering Jilla. Here are few excerpts from her interview to the Deccan Chronicle.

A damp squib for Deepavali
All in All Azhagu Raja did not do as well as expected. There was a lot riding on the film. It was excessively promoted. I have always learned to take failures and flops in my stride. Yes, a lot of hard work went into it and even to this day I don’t regret working on the film at all. I did an all-out comedy role, and it was something I hadn’t had a chance to do till Rajesh offered it to me. It was certainly a learning experience for me. My mother has always told me, ‘Never let success or failure go to your head’, and that is the mantra I live by.

Working with Vijay for the second time 
Yes, I have worked with him in the past (in Thuppakki). Vijay is quite a reticent person, as is well known. He does not open up very easily. However, while working with him, we established a certain kind of rhythm — we knew each other’s timings, moods etc. We were completely in-sync. So, this time around it was actually quite easy since we shared a certain level of comfort, and moreover, we could anticipate each other’s reactions. This helped me give my best, especially since he is such a great actor. There was almost perfect coordination. Most memorably, there was a song, which we shot in Japan. It was a wonderful experience, the weather was lovely and the place was beautiful. The whole unit had a good time.

An expensive heroine?
Certainly not! I feel I certainly get what I deserve and my producers, who are willing to put money on me, certainly know what they are doing. I don’t think I am being unreasonable about my fee.

Wedding bells? 
My baby sister (Nisha Aggarwal) is married. I am very attached to her and we have always shared a close bond. It was an all-out Punjabi wedding and the  family had a good time, singing, dancing... the works. Her vidaai was a little  emotional, but then the reception was grand, and a happy affair.
For me, marriage is not on the cards for the next two years at least. I am fully focused on work right now, it’s my only priority at the moment.

Who's Acting Together in Mani Ratnam's Next

Legendary Director Mani Ratnam's Kadal may have been a huge letdown but the buzz around his next movie is nothing short of epic. There were earlier buzz that Mahesh Babu was all set to play the lead in Mani Ratnam's untitled action entertainer. Now the latest is that Nagarjuna will also be part of this Tamil- Telugu bilingual.

A source close to the Ratchagan actor confirmed the buzz to Times of India stating, "Yes, Mani Ratnam sir had met up with Nagarjuna a few days ago and had discussed the possibility of working on a project together. He wanted to check if both the actors, Mahesh and he, are interested in working together, and Nag said he was game for it. Mani sir will be back with the completed script soon, and further announcements will be made after that."

Nagarjuna and Mani Ratnam have already worked together in Geethanjali which won the coveted National Award and seven Nandi Awards as well. 

stock photo of Sri Lanka hot actress Gangu Roshana

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